This module has been developed to provide employees in the Victorian Public Sector (VPS) with a foundational level of understanding of disability and, in turn, help build disability confidence in all VPS employees.

Completing this module will help you to:

  • gain a better understanding of disability
  • use respectful terminology and appropriate communication behaviours with people with disability
  • recognise the value of an inclusive workplace and the role you play
  • understand Getting to work, Victorian governments disability employment action plan and know where to seek further information and assistance.

Employees will need approximately 30 minutes to complete the module, whilst managers will need approximately 35 minutes.

This module has been developed in consultation with the Enablers Network and the Autism Success Network. Every attempt has been made to make this module as accessible as possible in line with the eLearning software’s capability. If you have any issues with the accessibility in this module, please contact